At Nine Yards we take food VERY seriously! After all, how are you supposed to take in all those special moments of your adventure if you don’t have the right fuel to power you?

All meals are provided for the duration of your tour as standard but as flexibility is one of the cornerstones of the company, we don’t mind if you want to go to one of the numerous historic pubs we will pass one night.

We can cater for any specific dietary requirements your team may have, just let us know at the time of booking. Of course, party members may change after booking and before leaving. If a new member of the team needs something specific, we can revise the menu we’ve put in place up to a week prior to departure.

We source high welfare local meat, free range or organic eggs, and dairy from the happiest cows possible. Vegetables will be plastic free, organic, and sourced locally where possible. Every meal you eat will be lovingly prepared on the spot by a member of the Nine Yards catering team. Some examples of what you can expect are:

Some examples of what you can expect are:


A typical Nine Yards brekkie will contain a good dose of protein, some complex carbs and a bit of healthy fat to keep you going. Think a healthy portion of overnight oats with nuts, seeds and fruit. Or if it is set to be a cold morning, some warming porridge with the same bits added. There’ll always be a large pot of freshly brewed (NEVER instant!) coffee or tea to make sure you are ready for the day!


After a few hours of pacing, paddling or pedalling you’re going to need to top up those energy levels. To hit your protein, carbs and fat magic ratio, we’ll offer you a protein of your choice (meat/tofu/nuts/dairy) with Mediterranean pasta salad, a bejewelled couscous bowl, or sweet potato medley.


Sometimes you need a little boost to keep you going without sitting down to get the tupperware out. We provide you with sweet/savoury trail mix or protein laden energy balls all prepared by us for your continuous snacking needs.


When you finally get back to camp you’ll need to replenish all of the calories you’ve burned. What better way than with a warming curry served from a Dutch oven bubbling away over an open fire, a side of vegetable rice, fresh flatbreads and a vibrant leafy salad?

Please see our menu for a full list of options here

When you get in touch to book, let us know what you fancy, if you have any specific dietary requirements and we’ll do the rest

If there’s anything not on the menu that you would really like, no worries, just let us know and we can make that for you. If you’ve got a favourite recipe we’ll even follow that.

If your team are the more adventurous culinary types, we can wait and see what’s on offer locally each day and you’ll get a pleasant surprise when you reach camp.


Each night of your Nine Yards tour will be spent in a 5m bell tent. These beautiful canvas tents sleep up to 4 people and are furnished with real beds and mattresses; 13.5 tog duvets; high quality pillows; high quality linen; a cotton throw on each bed and solar lighting.

Each morning we’ll pack up the tents, bedding and all. We ask that you put any rubbish in the bins provided and pack up any personal belongings. We will make sure that each bed is set out in the same place so when you claim a bed on the first night, that will be yours throughout.

Our environmental ethos means we will not change bedding during the trip unless touring for more than 6 nights. We can, of course, arrange for your bedding to be washed more frequently for a surcharge.

As Nine Yards tours are private, we assume that you’re comfortable with mixed gender accommodation. For a small surcharge we can offer single-gender accommodation for small groups.