Nine Yards Tours is born simply of our passion for camping and cycling. We love spending our free time exploring the British countryside. Nine Yards was dreamt into reality while coasting along country lanes, scaling the plains’ plateaus, and nosing into cosy nooks for restful evenings under the stars with canvas and open hearth to call home for the night. We thought ‘It’d be really nice to help people make the most of what these beautiful isles have to offer’, and the idea was born.

Whether you prefer trekking across windswept hillsides, wheeling up cobbled bridleways, or paddle-boarding our myriad or riverscapes on your holiday, we provide the luxury elements you couldn’t pack into a daybag without having to stay in a stuffy BnB.

Here at Nine Yards we offer personalised care and logistical support for every step, rotation, or paddle of your chosen tour. Each night our dedicated trailmasters greet you at a special selection of campsites. We’ll be at the ready with bespoke bell tent accommodation and a nutritious meal cooked on an open fire with locally sourced ingredients, all you need to do is rest and recuperate under the stars with your team ahead of the next day’s challenge.

We know that there are lots of people who automatically think of warmer climes or fresh powdery snow when it comes to holidays, but we’re here to help the adventurous, activity driven holiday maker get the best possible experience from their 2022 staycation.

Nine Yards core values:


If you can dream it up and we can pull it off safely, we’re in! We’ll source the best guides and the highest quality kit, if you need them, and make sure you get home in one piece.


There’s no one else offering quite what we do, an adventurous, UK based holiday where you are collected from and dropped back at your home, staying under canvas with all meals included.


We act with utmost integrity at every step of the booking process. We work with the best local guides, equipment hire companies, campsites and food suppliers to ensure that every individual part of your tour will come together to provide the highest quality trip you could possibly imagine.


We are mindful of the negative impact these trying times are having on our collective mental health so we are dedicated to getting people outdoors, exercising, socialising and living their best lives.


Nine Yards Tours are the only company in our green and luscious field offering fully tailored trips from start to finish. From door-to-door delivery of you and your kit, to luxury bell-tents and nutritious energy boosting snacks and meals, we go the whole Nine Yards so you don’t have to.

After your initial enquiry we’ll start planning out your adventure. Once the details have all been confirmed we’ll invoice you for the deposit, set up the payment plan and you’re all set.

When the big day arrives, we’ll be at your door bright and early to get loaded with all of your kit, be it bikes, canoes, kayaks, snowboards or whatever else you may need. We can either arrange for your personal transport in a minibus or you can take care of that yourself.

We’ll get to our first camp in the afternoon, get the tents all set up and some food on the fire. We know it’s exciting, the first night of the trip with your team and there’s the temptation to sit up late chatting but we’d recommend an early night so the real adventure can start in earnest the next morning.

We’ll get you up nice and early, feed you a slow release, energy laden breakfast and go through the day’s plan with the team. Before you set off we’ll give you what you need for the day, including some lunch, energy boosting snacks, water bottle refills and a navigation device loaded with GPX files, as well as a backup OS Landranger map, then off you go into the wilderness.

By the time you get to camp number two, your tents will be set up, beds will have been made and delicious food will be bubbling away. This cycle will rinse and repeat for the duration of your tour.

Our team of explorers will video chat through your itinerary with you and offer quotes on additional excursions and add-ons according to your needs. Fill in the form here to kickstart your great British countryside adventure into action today.


Sustainable tourism lies at the heart of our mission here at Nine Yards Tours. After looking at tree planting and other forms of carbon offsetting schemes, we decided the best plan for us was to put our money where our mouth was. We offer UK-based activity holidays to encourage people to make the most from their local environment. Our low-carbon approach means we strive to source the most ethical firewood and food to fuel our fun. Our vehicle recharges your devices using solar power. Our awareness that this still isn’t enough to leave no hoofprints in the sand means we donate 5% of our annual profits to the land stewards over at The Soil Association.

The Soil Association

The mere fact that you’ve chosen to take a holiday in the UK in 2022 and not fly to a far flung destination is already a great start to protecting the environment. Flights are one of the biggest ways the average person contributes to the current climate crisis. The current travel restrictions are already having a positive impact on air quality and biodiversity, it’d be great if we can keep this minimal flying trend going.